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By Pirjha furniture roots have been embedded since 1975. Now we are the only registered manufacturer under Pirjha's umbrella. A place where you can trust our regard to the best quality, assurance, and designing as well. Customization & detail intricacy are our virtues.

Nowadays furniture utterly becomes a basic need of human being. Like every profession furniture industry also faced the evolution of its royal serving by a diversity of dynamic demands. I let you introduce the role of the PIRJHA family in this industry. Pirjha family roots were embedded in the furniture industry since 1889, Which became sound with experience and exposure by incorporating current demands.

Now, By Pirjha is enriched with his ancestors’ cyclopean diversified portfolio of experienced and well aware of the theme of modern furniture, contemporary furniture, and classic furniture. We are endeavoring to discharge the graceful amenities of society with our salient team`s input. We are dealing with all kinds of furniture like Chinioti furniture, finished furniture or unfinished (raw) furniture. In the customize category we can provide marquetry work, veneer work, handicraft items, and accessories by incorporating both saqafat and modern touch. We choose seasoned and pure rosewood (Sheesham wood) for manufacturing purposes. By Pirjha brings together aesthetics and sophisticated amenities by stunning and classic touch, and we are complying and will comply with our norms relentlessly………….!

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